No. 222 Squadron Gets Resurrected With Su-30 MKI Aircraft

DefenceXP Author / 02 January 2020

  • The 222 Squadron 'The Tigersharks' of Indian Air Force got resurrected on Wednesday with state of the art Su-30 MKI Multirole Fighter aircraft, Indian Air Force said
  • Resurrection: 222 Sqn 'The Tigersharks' got resurrected today with state of the art Su-30 MKI Multirole Fighter aircraft.
  • Raised on 15 Sep 69 with Su-7, the Sqn was later equipped with #MiG27 Ground Attack Aircraft prior to getting numberplated in 2011.," IAF said in a tweet. 
  • No. 222 Squadron was raised at Ambala on 15 September 1969, with Sukhoi Su-7 aircraft. In July 1971, the Squadron was moved to Halwara, and was soon engaged in combat with the PAF.
  • The squadron carried out counter-air strikes against Risalewala and Chander airfields with immense success, despite stiff opposition. It provided CAS to ground units in the Dra-Baba-Nanak, Husseinwala and Firozpur sectors. The squadron virtually paralysed the Pakistani armour thrust, due to numerous strikes against enemy gunning positions, armour, and troops, exposing weak flanks to the ground forces.

  • Short term interdiction missions were directed against rolling stock, rail tracks, marshalling yeards, bridges and enemy convoys. In this the Squadron achieved remarkable success. It conducted photo recon missions against enemy radar positions, deep inside enemy territory.

  • The Squadron was highly decorated for its role in the war, including one MVC, 3 VrCs, 3 VMs, and two Mentions in Despatches.

  • In May 1975, the squadron was shifted back to Ambala, and continued to operate there until 1981, when it shifted to Hindon on 14 May 1981. In December 1985, the Tigersharks became the first Indian squadron to be equipped with the MiG 27 Bahadur aircraft. The then Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi, visited the squadron and renamed it to its current name, Tigersharks. On 19 May 1989, they were moved to Hasimara where they are currently stationed.

  • Aircraft types operated by the squadron

    Aircraft Type From To Air Base
    Sukhoi Su-7 15 September 1969 July 1971 Ambala AFS
    Sukhoi Su-7 July 1971 May 1975 Halwara AFS
    Sukhoi Su-7 May 1975 May 1981 Ambala AFS
    Mikoyan MiG-27 December 1985 May 1989 Hindan AFS
    Mikoyan MiG-27 19 May 1989 March 2011 Hasimara AFS
    Sukhoi Su-30MKI 1 January 2020 Present Hasimara AFS

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