7 Rare Facts About LCA Tejas Which You Should Know

DefenceXP Author / 05 October 2019

Hello Defence Lovers, As you know India’s first self-made fighter jet Light Combat Aircraft Tejas or LCA Tejas is finallt ready to be used in operations by the Indian Air Force. LCA Tejas received the final operational clearance for induction into the IAF as a fully-weaponised fighter jet. With this article we will talk about some rare facts about LCA Tejas.

  • Its quite common, while in the development of contemporary fighter jet in recent years,even by advanced countries, aircraft have been lost while going through developmental trials but it’s a very rare fact that India’s LCA-Tejas program achieve final Full Operational Capability without an Accident, never ever faced any crash or major accidents in its entire developmental cycle which is quite impressive since it was only for the second time India was developing a fighter jet on its own in last 70 years of its existence.
  • Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee named the aircraft ‘Tejas' and in Sanskrit, Tejas means ‘radiance.'
  • Blended-wing body with 45% (by weight) or 90% (by surface area) advanced composite material and RAM (Radar Absorbent Material) coating (these give some stealth, make it lighter and also production & maintenance friendly)
  • Tejas has ‘Relaxed static stability’. Tejas is actually a highly unstable aircraft (for giving it high maneuverability) and computer system (the fly-by-wire system) gives it an artificial stability so as a fighter, it’s easily maneuverable being unstable but for the pilot, it’s beautifully stable (a pseudo-sense of stability created by the computerized fly-by-wire system) and also safe.
  • It also has autopilot capability. The pilot can focus on mission activities in times when the fighter is put to fly on autopilot. It is equipped with advanced features like auto level (which helps the pilot recover the aircraft if he gets disoriented and also during night flying), safe altitude recovery (which automatically pulls up the aircraft if it comes too close to the ground) and navigation modes (which steer the aircraft automatically along a pre-determined flight path).
  • It is designed to operate equally effectively in the Air to Air and Air to Surface domains. It features multi-target tracking in Air to Air and also has specialized Air to Sea modes. The radar facilitates all weather employment of a variety of Air to Air and Air to Surface Weaponry. It is the primary targeting sensor on the Tejas. The multi-mode radar enhances Tejas’ all-weather multi-role capability.
  • Zero-Zero ejection-seat with a very fast Canopy Severance system (CSS). The CSS provides a smooth passage for a pilot in an emergency situation by pre-weakening the cockpit canopy in the shortest possible time. This system cuts the canopy in a matter of 10 to 20 milliseconds and is the fastest such system.
  • So with all these facts we can see, LCA Tejas is a big technological success and also a very important and fruitful project for India. It is one of the bests in its class in the world.
Jai Hind
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