5 Sure Reasons to Fail in the SSB Interview

DefenceXP Author / 23 September 2019

Hello Defence Lovers, As you all know there are three assessors who assess the candidate through their respective techniques namely Interviewing Officer, Group Testing Officer and the Psychologist. Though their tools and techniques are different, their benchmark in terms of 15 Officer Like Qualities (OLQs) is the same. Most candidates think that it is important to clear in all the three techniques to be cleared by the board which is not true. A candidate may be declared successful even if he is cleared by one of the three techniques, while the other two declares the candidate to be a borderline case. So with this article we are going to tell you 5 sure ways which always become reason of failure in the SSB interview.


  • First: Most candidates come to the SSB with anxiousness to pass. It’s this anxiousness that ruins their chances. Since there are so many tests starting from OIR to Conference, it is highly possible that candidates underperform in some of these tests. This underperformance in some tests results into further anxiousness and this alone adds up to the pressure further and the candidate is unable to hold his nerve and give his best shot leading to sure failure. Our advice is just put in your hard work and go out there to give your best shot irrespective of the outcome. Just enjoy the process and perform freely without any inhibition. This will enable you to project your qualities more freely and openly thereby raising your chances. Even if you have not performed well in some tests don’t get unduly conscious and give up. Be at it till the end.
  • Second: Self judgment is another common reason for failure. Many candidates do self judgment during the tests and either becomes over or under confident. This leads to over or under performance leading to failure. Most often, in the GTO technique, candidates judge their own performance with respect to others in their group instead of focusing on their own performance. What needs to be understood is that selection does not happen based on your performance vis-à-vis others. It is the absolute measure ofyour performance with respect to the bench mark. Our advice therefore is, focus on your own performance instead of others. Remain cool and composed and do your bit.
  • Third: Several candidates have the habit of reading and watching everything that’s available in the internet. I have come across several candidates who refer to various books on SSB, written by all and sundry, before going to SSB. Reading unauthentic material in the internet and books will surely lead you to failure. Most of the contents in the internet are authored by people who have never been an assessor or served in the selection system. Thus, if you follow such self styled coach they will lead you to disaster. Our advice is, you must follow the content of someone who has been an assessor before and has served in the selection system. Further, follow the contents of any one coach, as the perspective and understanding of assessors could also vary. Thus, don’t clutter up your mind with too many ideas and views. Keep it simple.
  • Fourth: We have seen hundreds of candidates coming from coaching academies and trying to replicate the ideas that they were asked to cram and memorize. This is not going to work at all. There is nothing wrong in going through training but make sure you learn the principles and approaches of attempting the various tests rather than learning what to do in each of the tests. It’s important to train the brain to respond in a particular manner rather than memorizing tricks and ideas and trying to replicate the same. Our advice is focus on the principles and approaches which unfortunately not many will teach you. Most will focus on quick fixes which will lead to failure. So be wise in choosing the right academy/institute. Check if the institute has three qualified and experienced assessors to teach. There are many who operate alone with GTO models made on the terrace of a building. And there are others who take 100 candidates in a batch and make good business.
  • Fifth: There is no substitute to hard work. Several candidates think that SSB is a test of personality and hence they need not prepare. Of course SSB is a test of personality but one must have enough in him/her to project. For this intense preparations are a must. There are isolated cases where a fresher without much preparations also make it but what needs to be understood is that they are naturally good and had been preparing in their natural course of life. These are candidates who have been regularly following news, are inquisitive by nature and have been keeping abreast of daily happenings, who indulge in physical and social activities and have reasonable communication skills. One can’t say for sure that everyone will be like this. Thus, it’s important to prepare well and present oneself in the best possible manner. Our advice is, follow news on a regular basis, read about national and international affairs and develop your own perspective, play team sports to keep fit, participate in socio-cultural and extra-curricular activities, develop the art of public speaking and understand every test conducted at the SSB and figure out the principles behind them and prepare yourself to give your best shot.
  • Finally, remember nothing comes easily. Knowledge and Communication will be key to your success. And beyond that your innate qualities which you developed through nature and nurture will be the decider. Hence, be a good human being, accept people as they are and mix with them without prejudice, be conscious of your responsibilities and adhere to rules and regulations, cooperate with others and give and take help when required and remain buoyant and vibrant. Be positive and perform to your best and leave the rest to destiny.
Jai Hind
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