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Indian Navy’s Hunger For Defence Budget: A Explanation For Worry

In the past month, Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Karambir Singh expressed Navy’s need for a 3rd carrier at Navy’s Annual press meet. He also stated that India features a long maritime presence within the IOR(Indian Ocean Region) and is committed to seem after India’s Integrity and sovereignty. consistent with few sources Navy is keen on increasing the annual Defence budget in order to counter any threat arising for the country.

Current Scenario

In my opinion, the present scenario with the fleet of roughly 300 ships, the navy can patrol, both at the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. At the account of the continued standoff with the enemy, the Navy was also ready to send warships to Malacca straight and was also ready to conduct joint exercises with Vietnam in South China-Sea.
Even though the present scenario isn’t worse but it’s a matter of worry when things turns into a war because the current situation at the frontline is at the sting of the blade. Low budget could cause difficulties like low ammo, maintenance and serviceability issue and as we are falling in need of vessels we can also face further availability issues.
In a peacetime scenario, the Navy is fully capable to take care of stability and supremacy but during any two-front scenario, it’s something we’d like to figure on.

Future Scenario And conclusion

Currently the Indian Navy is functioning on building new ships by signing up contracts with shipbuilders. The Navy has about 41 warships under construction with the most highlights of 4 scorpene class submarines, 4 Vishakapatnam class destroyers, Nilgiri Class frigates and 1 Vikrant Class carrier.

India is additionally looking forward for 56 carrier-based fighters for upcoming Vikrant-Class carrier.  Also considerably keen for the procurement of 3rd carrier. The Navy is looking forward for multiple projects like escort vessels and patrol vessels and also to construct further warships and other replenishment vessels.

To patrol large areas into high sea, the Indian Navy is additionally conducting exercises with friendly Nations and signing agreements for defence cooperations like BECA-2020 with US and similar agreements with Australia and Japan to enhance maritime security within the Indo-Pacific Region.

Keeping in mind of accelerating enemy presence, coming years might be considerably challenging for India in terms of Maritime security and cooperation within the Indo- Pacific region. India has always been a strategic military power and a word of trust within the region therefore there’s a requirement to extend Navy’s budget to take care of peace and stability not just for India except for any country which faces maritime security issues within the region.

In my opinion Navy has got low budget. Do share your views in the comment section below and on social media platforms too with #NavyBudget .

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